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In the Blue Sea market of the e-commerce platform, we have a full range of transfer paper, waterslide decal paper, tattoo paper, silicon paper, heat transfer vinyl, etc. The product has a wide range of application scenarios, mainly used in the clothing industry, custom industry, home decoration DIY handmade, etc. Increasing market demand and huge market potential make our products very popular.

AMAZON Global Strategy and Brand Overall Arrangement We register our stores in 17 countries around the world on the Amazon e-commerce platform, The "TransOurDream" brand has obtained local trademark rights in 12 countries around the world. With the advantages of source manufacturers, high-quality product, and diversified product series, we can meet the diverse market needs of customers. , Optimized and innovative transfer paper directly hit the experience pain points of other transfer paper on the market, and thus won a large number of customers' purchases and recognition of the

TransOurDream is Tru-Transfer Paper.